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DC Zia Everlast and Everlast HD

Duke City Redi-Mix has provided quality concrete mixes to the Albuquerque area for close to twenty years.  Throughout that time we have developed thousands of mixes for a wide variety of purposes, but also have learned many lessons about what works in our unique climate.  While our traditional mixes still maintain that same level of quality, we have discovered a need for concrete placers and finishers that we can fill by utilizing a specific combination of products currently available but in one package. 

DC Zia Everlast benefits:
- Formulated from years of experience specifically for our local climate to increase durability and provide a truly Everlasting placement.

- Increased workability to reduce labor costs and to provide a better finish.

- Fiber reinforcement to eliminate the need for rolled welded wire mesh saving material and labor costs.

- A singular product that includes a pre-determined slump, strength, and fiber already included for ease and consistency of ordering as well as a bottom line price without hidden charges.

- Available in interior and exterior as well as in an HD version for placements which will have heavier loads on them, such as recreational vehicles or hot tubs.

- The confidence and assurance in using Duke City Redi-Mix and our proven quality and service.

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