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Benefits of Concrete Applications

Concrete as a construction material provides many opportunities for builds such as availability, affordability, durability, and longevity. It is an option that many companies require and utilize often, as it is a common material found among structures. However, why is concrete such a viable option?


Concrete is significantly more durable than other building materials and is highly resistant to damage from common weather and natural disasters such as heat, wind, humidity, moisture, and impact. Concrete can also be mixed with specific materials that allow it to be catered to the climate of the environment in which a concrete plant may reside. This also makes it a very safe option because through abrasion and rough actions, concrete is able to maintain its desired engineering properties.

Fire Resistant

The second biggest performance factor that concrete can provide is being fire resistant. Concrete is fireproof and often meets fire codes. “While concrete walls can generally withstand up to four hours of extreme fire pressure, most wood-framed walls would fall in less than an hour.” ( This reason alone is why a builder may desire concrete over other materials, especially in locations that wildfires may be of concern.


The final, and possibly most influential piece of concrete, is cost. With increased workability, labor costs are cut and a better finish is provided. Concrete prices also tend to remain more stable than other building materials such as steel. Concrete can be crushed and used again in future mixes, allowing is to be a very sustainable and green product.


At Duke City Redi Mix we are proud to supply a product that so many people use every day. Just like any other product, concrete can be done right and it can be done very poorly. Our raw materials, processes, equipment and (most importantly) people are the best in the business. Not all concrete suppliers are the same but you can trust that you are getting the best from Duke City.

Our expertise has been used to develop a proprietary product that includes a pre-determined slump, strength, and fiber already included for ease and consistency of ordering as well as a bottom line price without hidden charges. Those factors, along with the combination of a double dose of fiber, replacing welded wire mesh, water reducers to give you the workability you desire for most applications, our high quality aggregates and using the most technological advanced cement in our area gives you, the customer, a concrete you can trust all in one mix. It is called DC Zia Everlast. Please visit our website or call 505-877-5777 for more info.

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