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Colder weather is upon us!
 ...and that means the addition of accelerators to the concrete to offset the cold temperatures and shorter days.
NON-Chloride Accelerators
To maximize the capabilities of our non-chloride accelerator Duke City is changing the way non-chloride accelerators are ordered.  In the past non-chloride accelerators were ordered like chloride accelerators by percentage weights of cement, two percent being the maximum allowed.  That is true for chloride accelerators, not for non-chloride accelerators.  Non-chloride accelerators have no detrimental effect to the concrete at any dose, assuming it can be placed and finished.

          The new dosage rates for non-chloride accelerators will be called
                                            SET LEVELS
To give you an idea where to start on the SET LEVELS, a SET LEVEL 4 will be equivalent to a so called 2% dosage.  I can visualize a 5 or 6 set level for those early morning January placements.
You can also use the non-chloride accelerator to FAST TRACK your concrete. If there is a need to open traffic early, a higher SET LEVEL, for example set level 8, will give you higher early strengths. Please understand that the higher set level mixes will set up much faster, so be prepared to place it properly. 

                               Calcium Chloride Accelerators

Duke City will still have a chloride accelerator available. Chloride is a more effective accelerator and cost is about half, but it has its limitations.. 
We do not recommend using chloride accelerators if steel is present in the slab or for integral color loads. It will be sold and dispensed at the percentage by weight of cement measure, i.e., A two percent dosage would have the equivalent of 9 pounds of calcium chloride in  a mix that has 450 pounds of cement  Also note; dosages over 2% of a chloride accelerator will decrease psi strengths in the concrete.  Please consult the specifications of your particular project for acceptance of chloride accelerators.


-Tips for cold weather concrete placement

- 4000 PSI in 4 hours!

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