Often times a company will use a slogan just to sell more of their product.  Sometimes they don't believe in their slogan or even care to follow it up.  The evolution of our slogan happened in reverse of that.  It is our philosophy that if you provide a good quality product with equally great service, that the reputation of your company will be your biggest selling point.  Over the last decade and a half our concentration on this philosophy has proven it to be the right one.  We decided to put some words to that reputation and "Quality Matters Here" was born.

You may be wondering what makes Duke City different from our competitors when it comes to quality.  As you read on below you will see the steps we take on a daily basis to ensure that quality really does matter from beginning to end and everything in between. 

The Accuracy and Scheduling

Quality Matters Here isn't just a slogan....

The People

Details matter! Especially when it comes to your concrete order. We have focused on training and equipping all dispatchers and order takers on the important of attention to detail.  Our customers have a one-of-a-kind experience when it comes to placing an order.  We strive to provide a higher level of service to give our customers what they need by asking the right questions and having the product knowledge to fulfill that need. 

By knowing the capabilities of our fleet and our utilizing our three concrete plants, we can schedule deliveries that are on time and efficient, keeping your costs down.  All of our trucks are equipped with state of the art GPS so our dispatchers can know exactly where each truck is at any minute.  This knowledge is critical to providing the best service possible.

Once the truck is loaded and on the job at the right time, it is essential we continue our focus on quality all the way through to the end.  Duke City has two full time quality and service employees who's sole responsibility is to ensure quality of finished product on the job site.  This includes monitoring testing procedures, testing concrete and aggregates when necessary, visual inspections and notifying dispatch of any inconsistencies in final product.  All of the concrete test data is compiled and analyzed regularly to look for long term trends and areas in need of improvement.  Adjustments are made frequently to keep up the quality finished product that our customers are used to.

No quality product can be produced without beginning with solid raw materials.  We focus on the quality of our raw materials from mining them all the way through to mixing them together.  The gradations of course and fine aggregates are taken weekly to check for any variations in the source or in the crushing and screening process.  Product moistures are taken several times a day to confirm consistency and accurate water content in the finished product.  Stock piles are meticulously maintained to prevent cross contamination and to provide another chance to visually inspect any irregularities.  Cement and flyash certifications are monitored and logged to check for any inconsistency from our suppliers.

Quality begins with the people in an organization.  If the people answering the phone, taking the orders, operating the batch plant and delivering the product aren't knowledgeable and caring people, quality suffers.  The staff at Duke City is well trained, experienced and enjoy coming to work every day.  They are invested in the company because the company is invested in them.  Without this focus on people everything else just wouldn't matter.

The Materials

The Final Product