Self Consolidation Concrete

Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) is a relatively new technology in North America and has proven to be a product of the future.  Self-leveling concrete, as some people call it, has a very high flow level.  It flows so much that a traditional slump test does not apply. Instead the diameter of the circle it makes when the slump cone is pulled is the standard measurement.  There are several different tests that measure it's ability to turn corners, run through tight rebar cages, and flow a certain distance in a certain amount of time.

SCC technology has the capability to changing the way projects and man power are planned.  Due to the significant reduction in effort required to place it. 

Duke City has several SCC mixes ranging from 5,000 psi up to 12,000 psi.  All of these mixes have been reliable and consist with a 28' flow.  View the video below to see how the high strength SCC can fill some very tight spaces with no effort from the crew placing it.