Duke City Mixer at the Twinkle Light Parade in Nob Hill

Duke City's entry for the Twinkle Light Parade


There are many uses for the word community.  It can mean a geographical community, a social community, a business community, or many other things.  Being a responsible business, we feel it is our duty to be good members of all types of community.  As a locally owned and operated business, it is our goal to impact the communities we operate in.  We exist to employ people who desire challenging and gainful employment where they can grow professionally and personally.  We believe this is the most impactful way to contribute to the community. 


     Additionally, it is important that we protect our local community by being responsible with all kinds of potential impact.  Duke City operates and maintains top of the line dust control equipment for our concrete plants, has diligent procedures to protect other drivers from potential road hazards from our trucks, utilizes recycled water to clean our fleet, recycles waste concrete into viable alternative construction materials and much more.

     Our internal community is built on honesty, integrity and a focus on excellence.  When these characteristics are combined with a light hearted enjoyment of our co-workers as well as times where we can cut loose and have fun together we hope our company culture is one that everyone desires to be a part of.

      Being financially responsible within our community should be a priority for any successful business.  Duke City is a proud contributor and/or sponsor to many non-profit organizations in the community.  A portion of company profits get used to help local churches, sports teams, schools, school programs, and much more.